Monday, June 11, 2018

Fort George 3-Way IPA (2018)

(****UPDATED PICS 6/16/2018****)

Beer Name: 3-Way IPA
Brewery: Fort George Brewery (Astoria, OR) in collaboration with Modern Times Beer (San Diego, CA) and Holy Mountain Brewing (Seattle, WA)
ABV: 7.2%
How sold: 16 oz tallboy cans; on draft
Where bought: Carts on Foster Pod Bar (Portland, OR)
Price: $5.00 for 16 oz pint

Date Released: June 1, 2018
Date Drank: June 9, 2018
When brewed? Annual limited summer seasonal collaboration with two other breweries. Released May 29, 2018 (Astoria); June 1, 2018 (Portland); and June 2, 2018 (Seattle). Available June to September.

What's on the Website: "RESINOUS, DROP TUNED, WALL OF FUZZ. Among the swelling base and heavily hopped riffs, a uniting dissonance appears. Wheat and oats load in sustained distortion and vast amounts of feedback. From the Juice yeast emerges an ethereal realm with suspended ambient fruit and lupulin resonance. Aromatic and resinous, the primal essence of Modern Times, Holy Mountain, and Fort George rises like a Monolith….no, make that a Triolith of IPA reverence. 3-Way IPA, reverbating across the Pacific Northwest starting June 2018."

Where distributed: Fort George currently distributes its beer only in the Pacific Northwest (OR, ID, WA). See if Fort George ships to your area!

Appearance (5%): Poured hazy light orange into a plastic pint cup; looks like orange juice. Frothy white head, awesome lacing. 4.5/5

Smell (25%): Resinous/lupulin and oats with tropical citrus, mango, and stone fruit. 4.25/5

Taste (40%): Follows the nose throughout. Resin and lupulin to start, then ctirus tropical swoops in. Complementing flavors. Aftertaste is a mix of lupulin and tropical. 4.25/5

Mouthfeel (10%): Medium-bodied; some carbonation. Extremely juicy and trace dry tongue. 4.25/5

Overall (20%): An excellent IPA. While the 2018 release was very good, I still prefer last year's version (but it probably would have been almost impossible to beat, at least for my palate). The first wave of cans quickly sold out all around Portland, perhaps because they either want the can or the series itself has spawned a mind of its own. 4.25/5

Final Weighted Rating: 4.263/5

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