Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hangar 24 Double Betty Double IPA

Beer Name: Double Betty
Brewery: Hangar 24 Craft Brewery (Redlands, CA)
ABV: 10.1%
How sold: 22 oz bottles; on draft
Where bought: Craft Shack (San Diego, CA)  ****bought online
Price: $9.49 for 22 oz bottle

Date Bought: June 29, 2016
Date Received: July 11, 2016
Date Opened: July 22, 2016 
When brewed? Special release beer.
IBU: 100

What's on the Bottle: "Double the Trouble. This bombshell drops a tropical arsenal on your palate. Coupled with citrus notes and featuring six hops, our double IPA explodes with flavor. Galaxy and Equinox round out the hop profile, delivering intensified notes of stone fruit, grape fruit, orange, and lime. Surprisingly drinkable and incredibly balanced, this beer has a big, complex character that leaves a lasting impression on the palate."

What's on the Website: "When you've got a good thing going... why not double it? Double Betty amps up our Betty IPA with the additional of Equinox and Galaxy hops for a huge burst of ripe tropical fruit, citrus, berries, stone fruit, and pine. But really, you already know the most important part: it's the Betty IPA you know and love, doubled up to a whole new level." Read more here!

Where distributed: As of July 2016, Hangar 24 distributes their beer mainly in Central and Southern California, but I have seen certain beers (i.e. Betty) pop up in Southwest Washington. See if Hangar 24 ships to your area!

Appearance (5%): Poured clear golden-orange into a pint glass. Frothy off-white head. 4.5/5

Smell (25%): Amazing tropical and complementing malt. Detecting orange, grapefruit, and pineapple. This is awesome. 4.75/5

Taste (40%): Very hop-forward with lovely malt. The tropical experience can be felt throughout, and everything works. A bit of dank in there as well. Orange, grapefruit, and pineapple all there. I admittedly only got the octane about halfway through the glass. Full of flavor. 4.5/5

Mouthfeel (10%): Medium-full bodied, some carbonation. Pleasing bitterness lingers on the tongue. 4.5/5

Overall (20%): An outstanding IPA. This gets high praise not just for the tropical bliss, but that it retains kickass drinkability for 10.1% ABV. The price may be a bit high compared to other 22 oz bombers I can get. I might feel the octane later, but I regret nothing. 4.5/5

Final Weighted Rating: 4.563/5

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