Sunday, December 11, 2016

Small Town Brewery Not Your Father's Taproom IPA

Beer Name: Not Your Father's Taproom IPA
Brewery: Small Town Brewery (Wauconda, IL; La Crosse, WI; Woodinville, WA)
ABV: 6.5%
How sold: 12 oz bottles; on draft
Where bought: Belmont Station (Portland, OR)
Price: $2.49 for a 12 oz bottle

Date Purchased: December 3, 2016
Date Opened/Drank: December 5, 2016
When brewed? Limited-time bottle release. Released November 2016.

What's on the Website/Bottle: "This locally made, limited-edition brew is brought to you by Not Your Father's Taproom, where we brew small batches of traditional craft beers using only the highest quality ingredients. We you'll enjoy it, we do." Read more here!

Food Pairings: Small Town Brewery suggests strong, spicy foods. I wholeheartedly agree.

Where distributed: Small Town Brewery started distribution of Taproom IPA in Oregon and Washington. Find out if Small Town Brewery will ship this to your area!

Appearance (5%): Poured clear dark golden to light amber into a pint glass. Off-white head. 4.25/5

Smell (25%): A balance of malt, floral, tropical, and stone fruit. Slightly more emphasis on the tropical here. 4/5

Taste (40%): Follows the nose. Floral hits first, and lasts through the drinking experience. A tinge of tropical and pine. Getting perhaps a bit of citrus peel on the aftertaste. Bitterness controlled very well. It's fine for what it is. 3.75/5

Mouthfeel (10%): Medium-bodied; good carbonation. Like that it's not too dry on the tongue. 4.25/5

Overall (20%): A decent IPA. After a very successful line of hard sodas, Small Town Brewery released a limited-edition IPA using Yakima hops. Fittingly, the brewery chose to release this beer in the Pacific NW first. Frankly, I found this to be a standard IPA, nothing special. While I appreciate the balance this one brings (more akin to an IPA that's not West Coast style), I've long preferred the tropical blast and hoppiness that many West Coast-style IPAs bring to the table. Still, I drank the entire bottle here, so NYF Taproom IPA is certainly worth buying to at least try. 4/5

Final Weighted Rating: 3.938/5

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